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At The Buren Insurance Group, Inc. we specialize in those hard-to-find, yet incredibly important insurance products that our Green Industry clients need. If you are a landscaper, nursery or lawn care business, your insurance needs are extensive. While you can find basic business insurance plans available that offer to protect auto and liability risks, most lack the comprehensive protection you need to fill in coverage gaps such as damage to a customer’s yard and pollution. When you work with Justin Buren, Lynne Moore and Daryl Erden, you’re getting experienced advisors to help you understand and minimize all risks associated with the work you do.



We make getting the right protection you need easy. No loopholes to jump through, just direct communication to help landscapers, nurseries, and lawn care providers get the right Green Industry insurance policies.  



Protection Where You Need It Most

Our “Green Industry” landscaping and lawn care insurance provides for many of the risks your business faces. This is far more coverage than what a typical Green Industry insurance plan offers for lawn and landscape businesses and there’s a very important reason for it. It’s quite common for landscapers to go out of business because of a mistake, a failed application of product, or even governmental claims. Our lawn care insurance minimizes these risk, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We’ve specialized in “Green Industry” landscaper, nursery and lawn care insurance since 1986. We’re one of the few companies in Ohio that offers comprehensive policies. You can trust us to insure your business expertly as a result.

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What Does Lawn Care Insurance Offer? 

lawn care insurance policies General business insurance simply is not enough for today’s landscaping and lawn care service. Our company offers specialty coverage that minimizes a few key areas of risk including:

  • Professional liability coverage, since chemical application and design claims can be excluded under regular liability policies.
  • Damage to your customer's property coverage helps to minimize risks associated to damage you are liable for on your customer's property
  • Pollution liability coverage, which can include "over-the-road" spill, to help reduce governmental or drift claims to properties you're not treating.
  • Herb and pest endorsement and unique limits to ensure compliance with Department of Agriculture and contracts.

In addition to this, your nursery, landscaping, and lawn care business also needs additional protections. This includes protections such as: 

  • Commercial auto coverage, including tanks
  • General liability insurance
  • Equipment and property protection
  • Crime and fidelity coverage
  • Business income and extra expense coverage
  • Employment practice liability
  • Workers compensation insurance

Overwhelmed with the process of buying insurance? Let us help you. 

Why Choose The Buren Insurance Group, Inc. for Your Lawn Care Insurance Needs? 

With decades of experience, we understand your needs. We’ve helped countless area landscapers, large and small, to understand, minimize and cover risks in a cost effective manner. We work very hard to maintain up to date standards and policies that directly reduce your risks and improve your overall outcome. The bottom line – we’ll help you stay in business no matter what happens on your customer’s property.

When a problem does happen and you need to file a claim, it’s fast and easy to do so. Because we understand your business specifically, we can help you file claims quickly ensuring you get the funds you need as soon as possible. That, in itself, keeps you in business.

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We provide the protection where most companies don’t. It’s hard to secure an affordable nursery, landscaping or lawn care insurance plan elsewhere, but The Buren Insurance Group, Inc. makes it easy to do. It’s more than just business coverage. It’s coverage tailored to the work you do.

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