Social Service Insurance


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You Have Enough to Worry About

Social Service Insurance

As an Ohio, charity, association or provider of services to the DD community you have a lot to worry about. Ohio Providers of services and resources to the developmental disabilities community must be aware of rules and regulations while still fundraising and focusing on the budget. Many providers of developmental disability services struggle with finding, training and retaining staff. Not to mention the political landscape is anybody’s guess how it will affect funding. Finally, associations, DD service providers and charities in Ohio all still want to be advocates and stay passionate for the cause.

Insurance Shouldn’t Be a Sunk Cost

Social Service Insurance

Insurance shouldn’t be something you worry about, yet, the way you buy insurance hurts you. When you shop or do an RFP every few years, it attracts a vendor relationship where an agent/broker is focused on gathering quotes. This gets you quick quotes at a good price, but a program you don’t understand and an agent that doesn’t really understand you. This means you hope what you’re paying for is what you need.

Hire a Partner Who Understands You and Is Passionate For the Cause

Social Service Insurance

This niche started years after volunteering in the DD community through coaching Special Olympics. We’re also members of the Ohio Providers Resource Association. Hire a partner who understands you and is passionate about what you do. You’ll get more than just an insurance policy. 

  1. Be there for the things that could actually happen!
    • Broadest coverage for physical abuse, sexual misconduct/molestation
    • Broadest Crisis Event coverage, INCLUDING Workplace Violence
    • Limits of Insurance are “IN ADDITION TO,” defense costs, including INNOCENT parties.

  2. Assist in budgeting
    • 3 year policy options helps planning
    • Our services make insurance have value even if you don’t have a claim
    • Annual review means we catch ways to “trim fat”

  3. Provide for the folks who make you run!
    • Automatically covers: volunteers, trainees, caseworkers, social workers and independent contractors
    • Protect your Directors and Officers

  4. Protect your reputation and ability to fund-raise
    • Option to leave the consent to settle lawsuits in your hands!

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