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Plumbers Insurance

Plumbers Insurance 

Plumbers Insurance in Ohio

Is your Plumbing Contractor business as watertight as the work you do? Make sure your insurance is protecting you from disaster. 

Plumbers Insurance by The Buren Insurance Group 

As an Ohio plumber you have a lot to deal with and worrying about losses shouldn't be one of them. Protect your business from unexpected losses, such as, driving your van or work truck, theft of your tools or materials you are installing at a job site and from liability resulting from improperly installing or insulating pipes. Make sure your business is protected and you have the coverage you need to run your plumbing business smoothly. 

From residential to commercial plumbers, as an independent insurance agency we have the ability to work with several insurance companies to find the ones that will insure your business properly and competitively. Not all insurance companies have the same rules, coverage options or rates, and we will help you determine the best plan for your plumbing business. 

We can help determine coverage for a number of areas of your business: 

  • If your work truck or van are stolen is the vehicle covered and the tools inside? 
  • When installing fixtures and other expensive items, are you covered if you damage the property during installation? 
  • Are you covered for pollution claims such as, coverage for underground utility line leakage or mold resulting from leaks in plumbing installed by your company? Standard Plumbers insurance plans do not cover many of these issues.