Education Program - Buren Insurance Group

Education Program

Partnering with Educational Institutions 

Back Story - Why Partner with Buren Insurance Group

  • The agencies majority leadership were first generation college students.
    • Subsequently we have a soft spot for youth that is willing to work hard and not born into unlimited resources.
    • Current Chairman Tim Buren at the ripe age of 34 invited an international student to get an American higher education degree on his dime.
      • This resulted in the international student becoming an American citizen, and is now married with two children in Seattle and living the American dream! 
    • Wilmington College, Tim’s alma mater, and where he serves as a Trustee, coincidentally to his passion has a very high 65% of current enrollment that is also first generation college.

Fast Forward

  • The Buren Insurance Group Inc. found a way to continue to financially support education, both those that supply it and those that seek it!
    • The Buren’s and Ohio Dominican University (ODU) - In conjunction with The Motorists Insurance Group - have formed a strategic alliance; highlights include:
      • 16 ODU Students:
        • Have 4 years of varying “Risk Management and Insurance” paid internships {$15.00 per hour] 15 hours a week from campus space.
        • Scholarships throughout and with full time job expectations upon graduation.

So how does this help Educational Institutions? 

Because The Buren Insurance Group values education and the institutes that serve our youth and adults, we have designed an approach that allows for transparency in the risk management and insurance buying process. 

In many cases, public schools and universities pay premium to their insurance carrier, and the premium they pay, includes commission to the agency that advises them. We believe that a fee for our advice and service lend itself to providing a transparent insurance and risk management process. So rather than pay a "hidden" commission, we outline our fee when proposing your plan and in many cases, this yields savings for the school to reinvest. 

To learn more about our Educational Institutions program, call or email us to start the conversation.