How to Winterize Your Home

How to Winterize Your Home

November 04, 2022

If you’re new to Ohio or haven’t taken intensive steps to winterize your home in the past, you may need a few insights in the process. We know the winters can be tough in Ohio, and that’s why our team at Buren has cobbled together these winterization tips for your home.

Adapt these tips to your home and property so that you can enjoy the snowfall, falling leaves, chilly evenings, and starry nights. 

Winter Survival Goods 

There are a few winter survival goods everyone can pile into their home. Take stock of what you have in the house and/or do a little shopping before it gets too cold: 

  • Warm blankets and/or sleeping blankets
  • Non-perishable/canned goods
  • Rock salt for outdoor surfaces
  • Space heaters, firewood, matches, and lighters
  • A solar or crank-powered radio
  • Bottled water
  • Flashlights or candles
  • First aid kit
  • Food for your pets
  • Small hot plate or gas stove
  • A generator if you can afford it
  • Fuel for the generator

Service Systems in the House 

Have the HVAC and plumbing systems in your home serviced before it gets too cold to do so. While these systems might work just fine, now is a good time to learn if you need to make any clutch repairs. 

Plus, you might ask the plumber or HVAC technician to winterize these systems for you. Anything you can do to protect the most expensive systems in your home is a good thing. 

Insulate and Seal 

Use insulation in spaces where there is none. Use a sealant to close any cracks or gaps around the house. While you cannot completely seal off the house, you can take steps to prevent a draft from blowing through the house, save money on energy bills, and retain as much heat as possible. 

Popular sealing locations are the doors, windows, exterior corners, and even cracks in the foundation. You might also reach out to an insulation installer about adding spray insulation to rooms that may not be insulated properly or simply need a little help. 

Reduce Temperatures Around the House 

Turn down a few things in the house: 

  • Turn down the temperature on the hot water heater
  • Turn down the programming on your HVAC unit so that the house isn’t too hot
  • Have someone come to look at your fireplace or wood-burning stove
  • Check the batteries on all your smoke detectors

Winterize the Gutters 

Make sure your gutters are clean and firmly attached to the house. You can hire a contractor to help you, or you might clean the gutters yourself. You want to make sure ice runoff and freezing rain runs to the downspouts and away from the house. 

For that matter, you should make sure debris is off the roof and all your shingles are in good working order.

Winterize Outdoor Spigots 

Allowing outdoor spigots to drip slightly helps prevent freezing, but you can also install a cover that will help protect the pipes behind the spigot.

Contact Buren Insurance Group for Assistance with Winterizing Your Home and Home Insurance 

Contact our team at Buren Insurance Group when you need help with winterizing your home or want to review your current home insurance plan. We’re happy to help you prepare for the harsh Ohio winters and insure your home up to and beyond a level appropriate for the property. Don’t be afraid to check in so we can get you squared away before the snow falls.