3 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe This Holiday Season

3 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe This Holiday Season

December 15, 2022

Every year when the holidays are around the corner, we're all too excited to put up the Christmas tree, but after a few days of being decorated, it's time to take it down. This can be difficult, especially with the amount of decorating going on. To make your “tree life” easier and your Christmas tree safer, check out these tips and insights we’ve gathered for you. 

Our Top 3 Christmas Tree Safety Tips 

Yes, your Christmas is a source of light and joy, but you still need to be a little bit more careful with it going forward. Our top 12 Christmas tree safety tips will help you decorate with wisdom this year.  

  1. Keep It Away from the Fireplace: This is one of the most common problems with Christmas trees. It seems like the perfect place to put your tree, but if the fireplace is on, the heat and flames may cause the tree to catch fire. 
  2. Use a Corner Tree Stand: The best way to keep your tree from toppling over is to use a corner tree stand. It will keep your tree from touching the ground and provide some stability. 
  3. Use Plastic Bags for Stability: If you have a tree that is too large for a corner tree stand, you can use plastic bags to keep it from touching the ground. Just make sure to tie the bottom of the bag around the trunk of the tree for added support. 

Decorate the Christmas Tree Safely 

Now that the tree is secure, you can decorate safely. Look over these tips and change the way you decorate to make sure you don’t create an unintended safety hazard.  

  • Keep the tree's base weighted down with a heavy, sturdy box.  
  • Prune the tree to keep it from tipping to one side.  
  • Try to balance out ornaments without overloading one side. 
  • Use LED lights because they produce no heat. 
  • Place precious ornaments higher up the tree. 
  • Try to use a light tree topper. 
  • Use secure hooks or bend branches to support the weight or heavier ornaments. 

Prevent Fires and Accidents Involving Your Christmas Tree 

Now that your tree is decorated, you need to take a few more steps to avoid fires and accidents. Taking a few extra minutes for these final touches will allow your tree to stand for weeks until you plan to take it down around the New Year. 

  • Keep your tree away from curtains or other linens.
  • Move the tree away from the electrical outlets.
  • Keep the tree away from radiators or heating vents.
  • Unplug the lights when you are not at home. 
  • Move the tree away from elevated spots where pets can jump into the tree.
  • Keep trees away from doors that are opened and closed often.

Reach Out to Buren Insurance Group for Help with Home Insurance and Christmas Tree Safety 

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, and it’s also a time when things can go wrong. Reach out to our team at Buren Insurance Group if you need help with home insurance or Christmas tree safety. We wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to fulfilling all your insurance needs.