AgriBusiness - Buren Insurance Group


The Buren Insurance Group has a rich history insuring farms and agribusiness throughout Ohio. Beginning in 1968, Don Buren worked with agribusiness owners to ensure they were protected if disaster strikes. In 2013, Buren Insurance merged with Reitler Insurance, gaining additional knowledge and experience in the farming community.

Throughout our past and now, we continue to help agribusiness owners navigate the complex insurance world and maintain best practices when it comes to risk management. 

What we insure

  • Grain farms and elevators
  • Livestock and confinement operations
  • Agritourism
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Orchards 
  • Food processors and distributors
  • Dairy processors and delivery
  • Nurseries and greenhouses (wholesale or retail)
  • Farm equipment dealers

Risk Management 

  • Confinement inspections
  • Pollution 
  • Auto liability and safety procedures
  • Grain elevator inspections and safety procedures


Whether you are a family owned farm operation or a business supporting the agribusiness community, The Buren Insurance Group has the resources and experience you need to protect your growing operations.