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We understand your needs better than anyone. Having provided comprehensive business and personal insurance for decades, we know the industry well. However, we know our clients much more. We care about your needs and can provide you with the comprehensive insurance package you need, at the right price, to achieve your overall goals. Let us make purchasing insurance easy to do.

Let Our Knowledgeable Staff Help You Make the Best Decisions

Many of our clients express concern about buying insurance. How much do coverage do you need? What type of policy will reduce your risks the most? What are those risks? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you sort through the options to customize a solution that fits your individual needs.

When you come in or request a quote from us, we’ll talk about your assets, your family, and your needs. We’ll discuss key risks against those assets such as losses from natural events and liability concerns. Then, we’ll work with you on assessing the value of your property so we can create a policy that minimizes any financial loss you face. We’ll talk about specific concerns you have such as:

  • How to protect your business from liability claims, business interruption, and property loss
  • How to safeguard your home from fires, vandalism, theft, and liability risks
  • How to meet Ohio’s auto insurance requirements and protect your vehicle, your drivers, and other drivers on the road with you
  • How to safeguard the financial stability of your family should something happen to you with life insurance

What are your worries and concerns?

We have the types of insurance policies you need to reduce those risks. The good news is many of the risks you have, from being involved in a car accident or handing the keys to your car over to your new teen driver, are worries we all have. With the help of our trusted team, we’ll customize insurance policies that address all of those worries for you, allowing you to breathe easier.

Aren’t All Insurance Policies the Same?

We’ve seen it time and time again. Consumers purchase a basic business insurance policy or a standard homeowners insurance policy only to find they lack the right type of coverage necessary to reduce their risks when an accident happens. The biggest problem here is the lack of coverage designed to minimize your risks, not just what everyone else has. It does not have to cost any more or be any harder to obtain insurance that’s designed to meet your needs.

Why Choose The Buren Insurance Group, Inc?

Simple, we make sure you are fully educated about all of your insurance options by helping you to pinpoint the risks your assets face individually. Then, we’re here for you. Whenever there is a need to file a claim, even in the middle of the night, give us a call. We’re the ones that will worry about your risks so you don’t have to.

With years of experience and a true dedication to providing you with exceptional service and a friendly, professional team you can count on us. Protect your business. Safeguard your home. We care about growing our communities and protecting what’s valuable to them. Talk to us about your specific insurance needs.

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