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At The Buren Insurance Group, Inc. our dedicated and experienced team is committed to your complete peace of mind and risk mitigation. Whether you need home, auto, business, life insurance, or a combination of policies, we’ll help you safeguard your assets and protect your family from everything life brings your way.

We’re not here to sell you insurance. We’re here to help you avoid risks along life's complex path.

Trusted, local agents are available to talk to you today. We know the business of insurance. We’ve made it our goal to handle the risk and worry for our clients, people like you, who need support and reassurance that their finances are protected no matter what they face. There’s no doubt insurance is a complex financial management tool, but we’re here to help you keep your costs as low as possible while also securing your life from risks.

Let Buren Insurance Group Inc. Support You

We make properly insuring your life aspects easy to do. Talk to us about the types of insurance you need.

We ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.

That’s why we’ve been providing quality insurance in Ohio since 1935. Since our early days, our mission has been simple. We’re here to be your “guy,” the person that takes care of you when everything seems to be going wrong. We’re here to safeguard your family and assets while always maintaining your best interests at heart.

When Don Buren started the company, it was with the philosophy that when you take care of someone’s business, they’ll trust you with the things even closer and more important to them. Our clients come to us because we’re just like family, but with the expertise and reassurance, they need to know we’ll always be there to support their financial needs.

Talk to us. Get to know our team. We’re here to navigate you through insurance, saving you money, reducing your frustration, and will ease every single one of your worries.

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